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Oldest Winter Games athlete ever? 40-year-old gets gold in Biathlon Men's Sprint

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Ole Einar Bjoerndalen won the gold for the Biathlon Men's Sprint on Saturday and people are pointing out he is old. While some folks thought the Olympic Curling competitors were old and perhaps some of the Olympica commentators are old, it appears that the ripe age of 40 sets the age bar for the oldest Olympic Winter Games winner ever. Before babbling any old people jokes, be aware that this Olympic gold medalist is in great shape. According to Yahoo Sports, there is other athletes who are 40 years young which have received medals, but only in the Summer Olympics.

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen is the 40-year-old Norwegian biathlon who won the 10-kilometer sprint in 24 minutes, 33.5 seconds on Saturday. Not only did he get the gold, he broke a record for the sport. As everyone knows the Biathlon Sprint isn't for the weak at heart as it’s an intense competition.

Is Ole Einar Bjoerndalen breaking any age barriers at the Olympics? Probably not, but Olympian will be back on the course competing once again for Norway during Biathlon Men's Pursuit competition on Monday. Scientists have always suggested it is mind over matter, but at the Olympics the viewers see young competitors battling it out. It’s great to see a few older folks can make their mark too. Obviously it’s harder to compete with older bones, but not impossible.