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Oldest flamingo in the world dies at 83

Who knew that a flamingo could live to be 83 years of age? According to a Feb. 2 report on NBC News, the world's oldest greater flamingo, appropriately named “Greater,” has died in the Adelaide Zoo in Australia. It was the last of such birds to reside in Australia because of a moratorium.

The oldest flamingo in the world dies at 83.

The flamingo had to be humanely euthanized when its health began to further deteriorate. Sadly, it had survived an attack by juvenile delinquents in 2008 and more recent health issues, but could not shake off these latest challenges.

“Greater” arrived at the zoo in 1933, but it is uncertain whether the flamingo was a gift from a zoo in Hamburg or Cairo. It is interesting to consider what world events have happened during this bird's lifetime.

According to National, flamingos usually mate for life, and both the male and the female are involved in the nurture and care of the young. The sex of “Greater” is unknown.

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