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"Oldest continuous liquor establishment in the country" still dispensing wine and spirits

Since the late 17th century,  the Tavern has served Charleston nearly as long as the city has existed.

The tiny structure is built over an ancient cellar that has been of interest to the National Geographic Society and other organizations. The cellar may contain a portion of Charleston's colonial-era eastern brick wall, and may possibly connect to underground tunnels that would have served to bring goods from ships anchored at nearby wharves to surrounding businesses.

Taken from a Lucky Strike cigarette logo decades ago, the "red dot" on the side of the building is used by the state of South Carolina to denote that an establishment sells packaged alcohol.

The Tavern is located at the intersection of East Bay and Exchange streets, just across from the Old Exchange Bulding.  Maps of Charleston can be obtained at the Visitor Center, 375 Meeting St.