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Older Volunteers

National Volunteer Week
National Volunteer Week 4/18-4/24
K Benjamin

National Volunteer Week is April 18, 2010 through April 24, 2010.  President Richard Nixon established the National Volunteer Week in 1974 as a means of inspiring, recognizing and encouraging volunteering in local communities. 

Aside from personal satisfaction there are also physical benefits to volunteering, especially for older adults.  As a person ages all too often their interaction with others decreases.  Volunteering in the community not only keeps a person active, it can help in reducing frailty among the elderly, keeping their minds more active, and increasing social interaction.

There are numerous areas an older person can volunteer.  For those who enjoy being around children, volunteering at a local library's reading program, or an adult literacy program.  Volunteering at animal shelters is an option for those who love animals.  Nursing homes are always seeking volunteers to assist with activities, reading or letter writing, arts and crafts, or just visiting with those who have no visitors.  

For additional ideas, the Charity Vault has an extensive list of volunteer opportunities in the state of Texas.  


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