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Older pets in shelters need forever homes too

Two cute cats taking a nap together.
Two cute cats taking a nap together.
Photo Credit: X. Posid

More than ever older pets in animal shelters need forever homes and it seems like the majority of pets in shelters are considered to be seniors because the kittens and puppies are usually the first to get adopted, leaving the older pets behind. Generally speaking, pets that are seven years or older, are considered to be seniors or geriatric. Animal shelters throughout Chicagoland including the Animal Welfare League, the Anti-Cruelty Society, PAWS Chicago and many more, including shelters across the nation, have an overflow of devoted, warmhearted and adorable older pets that are anxiously waiting to find loving permanent homes but unfortunately with the present kitten and puppy season at hand, the older pets are once again being overlooked. Hopefully by the time you finish reading this article, you will be persuaded and understand the reasons why there are so many more advantages to adopting a sweet furry friend that is older in age as opposed to a younger pet.

Puppies and kittens are extremely energetic and require a lot of invested time and training, but senior pets are mellow, gentle, easy going and have already been potty trained, which makes them very suitable for an individual or a family that prefers a quieter household. Something else to keep in mind is that older pets make excellent companions for the elderly or disabled because they require less maintenance, are easy to care for and remain extremely calm in stressful situations. Another distinguishing quality about older pets is the grateful way they greet their pet parents everyday, not to say that younger pets do not have this special quality, but senior pets have a devoted and warm way of saying thank you with their beautiful eyes that are full of wisdom.

Just like humans, as animals get older, some may or may not require medication, but contrary to what you might think, older pets overall are actually much easier to care for than younger pets because they adapt rather easily to change. Another great advantage about senior pets is the fact that it is much easier to introduce them to another older pet because they have the same energy level and it is well known that older pets that live with other older pets often live healthier and longer lives.

As you have just read, older shelter pets are truly awesome and make wonderful pet companions because they are mellow, devoted, require less training and are truly grateful for given a chance to live the remainder of their lives in a caring and loving forever home instead of a cage, so please consider adopting a senior pet today! If you would like more information about senior pets and adoptions, please contact your local animal shelter, or if you live in the Chicago area, please contact Felines and Canines or any other shelter in the area.