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Old-World Style Design Ideas for the Home

Antique French furniture
Antique French furniture

Inspired by the charm of European villas, old-world style combines the rustic comfort of the home and the elegance and style of rich furnishings. It is formal and classy yet welcoming and warm. To exhibit a picturesque blend of polished and rustic designs in your home, focus on the colors, material, and texture.


The color palette is rich and deep with the combination of soft, elegant hues. Dark brown, green, black, burgundy, and cream are some colors to be included in the palette.

To put together an old-world inspired dining room, make use of an antique dining table and matching chairs as the focal point. Complement it with accents of muted colors and rich details. The rich colors of wood have a classic and elegant touch to it.


Texture is one of the most important elements of the old-world design. Varying textures give your home character and personality. Incorporating fabric is a common strategy to create varying textures. Fabric must be rich or muted. Colors should be regal but still exude a relaxed atmosphere. Prints and extravagant tapestry designs are seen on curtains and upholstery.

An old-world inspired living room is composed of the different textures of wooden furniture, intricately patterned upholstery, and an inclusion of trims and silks in deep yet muted colors.


Antique wooden furniture pieces play a huge part in old-world styles because of the intricate details and timeless elegance they contribute. Apart from being appreciated for their durability and craftsmanship, they are also utilized for the beauty and character that they present. Antiques On Old Plank Road provides an array of choices when it comes to pieces that celebrate the old-world style.

To get an old-world look in your bedroom, look to invest in an antique bed. Qualities to look for in an antique bed are the excellent craftsmanship and richness that can be elegantly matched by sheets in cream or white.


To perfect old-world design, one must appreciate the value of contrasts. This doesn’t mean two elements should be so different from each other that the contrast is screaming. Instead, it means that two elements that are not usually paired are brought together to highlight each other’s qualities.

To create contrasting accents, ceramic jars can be placed near wrought iron. Another example is by using tassels and silks to accentuate hard wood furniture.

Put together a space that is classic yet inviting for you and your guests. Choose your pieces creatively and be open when it comes to mixing and matching them. A little creativity and a sense of adventure can go a long way when getting inspired by the old-world style.

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