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Old World in Huntington Beach

There's a place in Huntington Beach that  has the cozy feel of Old World.....Germany!  Visiting this location in Huntington Beach is well worth it.  There are little brick streets and pathways that you venture on as you stroll through Old World.  It has a very comfortable, laid back and homey feel to it. 

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On the stroll through Old World you encounter little shops along the way.  From collectibles and gifts to restaurants and bars, there is sure to be a little something for everyone to enjoy.  Tucked into Old World is a small bakery that has delicious home made treats.  The bakery has a window that a woman prepares delicous deserts in for all to see.  This bakery alone makes the trip all worth it. 

Please check out the website for full details and hours :

There also sits a quaint church at the edge of the Old World Shops.  It is amazing and hosts beautiful weddings and receptions year round.  It's a unique way to celebrate nuptuals and a new life together. 

The photos taken were from a quick stroll through Old World.  Charm lurks in every corner and welcome grettings from within every shop.