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Old world dining at Le Colonial

bo bia "salad" with a twist
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This past weekend I checked off one of my bucket list restaurants in Chicago, with a trip to Le Colonial in the Gold Coast. Walking into this restaurant is like stepping into a tropical chateau, with a mix of old world France meets Vietnam. This is obviously fitting, because Le Colonial is a French Vietnamese restaurant. Glancing at the menu, it feels much more Vietnamese than French, which was fine by me, as it is one of my favorite Asian cuisines.

Having a party of 4 we had the chance to sample several of the menu items, starting with the delicious vegetarian Bo Bia (pictured above; a vegetarian egg roll wrapped in lettuce with veggies and sauce was our "salad" course) and the super spicy Ca Bam Xuh Banh Trang (Monkfish sauté on sesame crackers). Washing it down with the spicy pineapple margarita I ordered was not the smartest idea, as Le Colonial doesn't kid around with spice levels.

For the entrees we shared Ca Hap (Seabass over glass noodles), Ga Xao Xa Ot (Lemongrass Chicken), and Tau Hu Cari (Tofu and vegetables in yellow curry). Eating them separately and letting them mix on my plate made for an extremely delicious experience.

My meal at Le Colonial met my expectations fully, and is a spot I hope to frequent again soon. The extensive menu seems to have something for everyone, if you are willing to push your palate and perhaps your spice intake. If and when you give it a try Le Colonial, it will be sure to please! Bon appétit!

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