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Old Town Redevelopment Committee - FINAL REPORT- JULY 21,2008

Backgound & Overview

Formulating a plan for the redevelopment of Old Town Greenwood has long been a topic of discussion
and debate. Various groups and individuals have offered opinions ranging from “preserve everything
downtown the way it is” to “tear it all down and start over.” Over the years there have been numerous
discussions but resources were not been available to conduct an analysis of current Old Town
demographics, consider alternatives and move forward with revitalization efforts.
In January 2008, Mayor Henderson, at his State of the City Address, asked the Community to begin the
process of developing a plan to breathe new life into Greenwood’s City center. This undertaking requires
a tremendous amount of human participation and monetary commitment to move forward. In addition,
formulating and implementing a plan to turn Old Town into an area that preserves existing environmental
amenities, if possible, yet creates a thriving mixed-use development for residents, retail shops,
professional services and commercial businesses is a long-term, multi-year process. Efforts toward
revitalizing Old Town Greenwood are a direct result of the recommendations set forth in the 2007-2027
City of Greenwood Comprehensive Plan.
In early 2008, Mayor Henderson assembled and activated the Old Town Redevelopment Committee
(OTRC) to:
• Review the Old Town Key Concepts and Goals & Objectives from the 2007-2027 City of
Greenwood Comprehensive Plan;
• Develop a vision for redevelopment of Old Town (what elements do we want to see in Old Town
and how do we get there);
• Develop an Action Plan based on the vision and aforementioned Goals & Objectives;
• Develop a timeline for implementation of the Action Plan; and
• Initiate implementation of the Action Plan.
The OTRC was convened on January 14, 2008 and will complete a final report by July 2008.
Key Concepts and Goals & Objectives for Old Town Greenwood (2007-2027 Comprehensive Plan)
Old Town must be revitalized.
Old Town’s gateways and focal points should be visible from major intersections.
Old Town should be large enough to plan.
Greenwood (the municipality) must demonstrate a commitment to Old town before businesses
will invest in the area.
Goal 1 – Make Old Town a thriving and vibrant district that becomes a cultural and government
destination for all of Greenwood.
• Update the image of the Old Town area.
• Create a master plan for the Old Town area.
• Make Old Town pedestrian friendly.
• Create a major public gathering place, such as a town square.
• Consolidate government offices in the Old Town district.


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