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Old Spice's new 'Mom Song' video goes viral; 1 million views in 3 days (video)

Old Spice has to be loving the attention of their new video called Mom Song. The deodorant company was looking for a way to spotlight their product and it is pretty obvious after getting a million views in only three days the marketing department at the company deserves a raise. According to the Today show on Monday, the majority of the folks think the video is freaky, yet funny enough to share.

The awkward song sung by the moms in the video seem to be a parental moment that people identify with completely. Even Terry Crews, who was in Old Spice ads previously, loves this commercial and found it similar to his mother's actions when he first moved away for school. In a series of vignettes the mothers spy on their sons and their girlfriends in awkward ways that feel a bit like a stalker. There are two scenes in the video that people can’t stop talking about. The first scene is the woman who clutches on the back of a car in a laundry basket as her son drives and the second scene is the mother who has an altered face mask in the cafeteria.

While the Mom Song came out well before the push for the Super Bowl ads, this strategy might be perfect for the Old Spice Company. People are chatting up the product and sharing the segment. Without the added competition of other commercials the deodorant company gets all the spotlight.

Take a look at the video clip of the Mom Song.

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