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Old Spice’s ‘Momsong’ goes viral; video has terrifying ‘Chucky’ moment (video)

Old Spice has hit another viral video jackpot. The deodorant company released a new video called “Momsong” and it has fans watching with almost a half million views in 48 hours. According to UpRoxx on Saturday, the video is catchy, but extremely weird.

How weird? Well, let’s just say next time you look at the drapes you might look twice to see if your mom is standing behind them. And if you are walking by some bushes, see if the plants have eyes looking back at you. According to Guyism it was first shown on television during the AFC Wild Card game on Sunday.

The commercial is based on the idea that moms will have to watch their sons when using the product because they will be smelling so good it will attract the ladies. From bushes to school cafeterias, the mothers are seen lurking in a very chilling manner that builds up just like a slasher film. Believe it or not, the idea is a pop culture moment that is going to have everyone chatting around the water-cooler on the creepy tone of the 60-second spot.

One of the most intense images the homage to Chucky from the "Child's Play” film series. The moment is a shocker and it appears that this could be Chucky’s tall mother-in-law as it is revealed that the face isn't on a doll, but on something else.

This isn't the first time Old Spice has hit a homerun on viral videos that are commercials. So it’s obvious the marketing team knows what they are doing and definitely like scary movies.

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