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Old Spice mom ad: Funny and creepy campaign creates buzz

Old Spice mom ad is both funny and creepy. The new campaign hit the airwaves over the weekend during the AFC wild card game. According to The Christian Science Monitor on Jan. 7, the commercial hits close to home.

No matter which product your son chooses, deodorant is one of those mile markers that send a mother’s mind reeling.

Old Spice mom ad shows some lovingly clingy mothers go through what many do in a very humorous way. First their sons start dating, then its marriage, and finally they move out and away. Some moms just can't let go. The ad takes thing a little to far, but keeps the funny going.

The ad depicts one mom posing as a janitor watching their son from a far at school. Another mom is keeping an eye on things at the beach neck deep in sand. And another glides up on to the shore for a closer look at their son's activities while on a date.

The Old Spice mom ad emphasizes that it all starts with wanting to smell good, and then the good things in life follow. Luckily they didn't go they cheap and vulgar route of some of the recent Axe campaigns.

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