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Old Spice mom ad: Creepy singing moms has sons staring over their shoulders

Old Spice has been right on the money in the past few years with their strange and weird commercials. Most of them have been centered around manly things and included a large number of NFL players, but their newest one takes the cake. Making the social media trending rounds on Jan. 8, 2014, is the Old Spice mom ad and it's creepy, yet genius.

Is this the creepiest Old Spice ad yet?
Old Spice

It's titled the "Momsong" and it has started making the rounds on social media, search engines, and so much more.

The commercial is part of a series called "Smellcome To Manhood" and it promotes a new line of body sprays from Old Spice. The commercials say that the sprays will quickly turn teenage boys into men, and the "Momsong" has to deal with mothers trying to let go of their baby boys.

Moms are shown going on dates with their songs, hiding in their closets, disguising themselves as the school janitor, and more. The mothers sing about how they are losing their boys to other women and the world of dating, thanks to Old Spice body sprays.

The Old Spice mom ad has brought about a lot of attention with some saying it is brilliant and disturbing yet hilarious and they can't look away.

Many are surprised that Old Spice didn't wait to air it for the Super Bowl as it has brought about huge promotion for the company.

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