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Old school tailored suits are coming back in style

The advent of casual dressing to work and for social events distracted men and the evolution of men's style for a very long time. Now, with shows like "Mad Men" and "Boardwalk Empire" on TV, younger men are starting to realize what it means to have a developed sense of style, that feeling comfortable to be oneself and to be successful is a direct correlation with looking good. Bespoke tailoring, which means by definition, "to fit a particular person" is returning as a good investment for men as opposed to buying and rebuying pre-patterned suits in department stores that may or may not fit a man well. Now, getting a suit fit for one's body won't be a bargain or be something that one would find on promotion, tailors have developed a craft, just like a barber, plumber or a mechanic, in making a good fitting suit shirt or pants and they must be compensated well.

The dreams or the romantic view by many of returning to the era of the 40's, 50's and 60's where men wore hats and suits all the time is over. But, to men, the principles that drove the era are still alive and well--work hard, play hard, be out and about among people, stay clean, look damn good while doing everything. Men can do online research to see tailoring houses and the services they offer because these aren't widespread in every mall like a Banana Republic or Burlington Coat Factory. A prime example is Isaac Ely Bespoke, a prestigious tailoring house located in Toronto, Canada. The tailors will sit with a person and have them select fabrics, select a style and take measurements at their location or journey to the man's house to perform those tasks. After four to six weeks, a man has a suit that is his--literally and figuratively. It won't fit anyone else in the world because every man's body has different measurements. A man can do anything in a good suit.

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