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Old School RuneScape: Best methods for training 99 prayer

RuneScape players looking to train prayer have some options in Old School RuneScape. Some quests and combat skills are required to complete these methods. This RuneScape guide covers the different ways to gain level 99 prayer in old school RuneScape.

RuneScape players should bury the bones of stuff that they kill. The experience is marginal, but it is free and adds up. If the NPC drops big bones or similar, definitely take and bury these bones; if close to a bank, the big bones can be banked and used later.

RuneScape players can use the ectofuntus, but it is slow. The only way to use the ectofuntus in Old School RuneScape is to actually climb down and fill the slime buckets, and to go upstairs and grind bones 14 at a time, manually. There is no automatic bone grinding, no ashes, and no morytania legs that give five daily slime teleports and 39 daily bones for slime pails/bonemeal swaps.

Thus, a gilded altar is a better way for RuneScape players to train prayer; RuneScape players get 3.5x the experience at the gilded altar versus 4x the experience at the ectofuntus, but it is much faster. RuneScape players need either level 75 construction to build their own altar, or a friend who has an altar in their house.

The following bones are common in Old School RuneScape: Normal bones, big bones, baby dragon bones, and dragon bones.

Zogre bones give more experience (22.5) than big bones, Wyvern bones give 50 experience, and Dagannoth bones give 125. Zogre ancestral bones, obtained from zogre coffins, give 84 experience for Fayrg bones, 96 experience for Raurg bones, and 140 experience for Ourg bones. Unlike RuneScape 3, there are no Ourg bones from the God Wars dungeon.

RuneScape players can either gather their own bones or buy them from other players. Dragon bones are usually easy to obtain, while the Ogre bones are less common. Either way, 99 prayer will be expensive; either in actual cost or in the loss of potential income from bones gathered and used instead of sold.

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