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Old School RuneScape: Best methods for training 99 fishing

Old School RuneScape players seeking to gain level 99 in fishing will find the following methods this Old School RuneScape fishing guide covers to be the best for gaining level 99 in the fishing skill.

Level 1-5 and 15-20: Start by catching shrimps; the best spots are by Draynor bank and Al Kharid bank. There are dark wizards by Draynor and a scorpion by Al Kharid, so low level players need to be alert. Catherby, a slight distance farther, provides the best safe spot for low level players. At level 15, anchovies can also be caught.

Level 5-15 or 5-20: Buy fishing bait and a fishing rod and bait these same spots instead of netting them. Catch sardines. At level 10, herring can also be caught.

Level 20-99: Buy feathers and fly fishing rod and catch trout. At level 30, salmon can also be caught. The best spot to fly fish is Shilo Village. RuneScape players can also fly fish in Barbarian Village, Lumbridge, and Seer's Village.

Level 35-99: Tuna can be harpooned at level 40. At level 50, RuneScape players can also catch swordfish. The best places to harpoon fish are Catherby and Piscatoris Fishing Colony. At level 68, the fishing guild opens, and becomes the best spot, only steps away from the bank.

Level 40-99: RuneScape players can fish lobsters, but these are generally slower to catch than harpooning swordfish and tuna, but a lot of RuneScape players choose to train on lobsters.

Level 48-99: Barbarian fishing offers no profit, but good training. Leaping trout can be caught with level 48 fishing and level 15 strength and agility. At level 58 fishing, with level 30 in strength and agility, RuneScape players can catch leaping salmon. At level 70, leaping sturgeon can be caught, provided the RuneScape player has level 45 in both strength and agility. RuneScape players gain strength and agility experience in smaller amounts as they gain fishing experience.

Level 62-99: RuneScape players who have completed Swan Song quest can go to Piscatoris Fishing Colony and catch monkfish.

Level 76-99: RuneScape players who want to train fishing for the most money can fish shark, which are slower experience but a good source of income.

To make training fishing fun, it is best to train different methods and to take breaks doing other things in old school RuneScape.

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