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Old School RuneScape: Best methods for training 99 crafting

RuneScape players who want to gain level 99 crafting in Old School RuneScape have some methods with which to use. This Old School RuneScape guide will cover the various ways to attain level 99 in crafting.

The first stage is to get to level 10. To get there, kill cows and gather cowhides, then tan the hides and make the best leather that is available. Or mine clay, wet it, and craft it into the highest material possible. Gold can be smelted and crafted as well, but it is better to save gold for later on when it can be made into better items.

You can get from 10-99 crafting spinning flax for 15 experience each. This can be done in Seer's village or Lumbridge castle. To get to 99, over 850,000 flax must be spun, but RuneScape players can gain millions of coins doing this.

Save any gems that you obtain, and cut these when you gain the levels for each. Although it is hard to gain enough gems to cover all the experience needed, they provide a good boost.

Save a lot of gold bars, and make jewelry from them and the gems. Jewelry can then be enchanted and used for teleportation, or sold. This enhances the experience boost from the gems.

Mine silver, save all silver ores and bars. Craft into holy symbols, tiaras, etc. There is not much use for the silver other than alchemy; it is best to craft the silver into items that have the best high alchemy value and either alch or sell to others. Compared to other crafting methods, silver is a fast and not too expensive method of training crafting.

Although flax, silver, and jewelry can be trained to level 99, RuneScape players can train fast making ranged armor from dragonhide. This is usually very costly, killing dragons is a valid option as the bones can be sold/used for prayer while the dragonhide armor can be alched or sold for some cash.

The best way to gain level 99 in crafting is to train it gradually. Throughout the course of gameplay, gems appear, dragonhide is gained, ores are mined, and experience is gained through random activities and adds up.

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