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Old School RuneScape 2014 Easter Event quick guide

The Old School RuneScape Easter event is the 2007 Easter Event. This guide will walk through how to ace the Old School 2014 Easter event.

You will need the following items: Spade.

Go south of Falador, to the area the clan citadel is in regular RuneScape. There, there are a bunch of kids crying because the rabbits are taking Easter eggs and burying them in the ground. Stand on the mounds (not the holes) and left click the spade in your inventory to dig. You will dig up an egg. Dig up 16 eggs.

Use an egg on a child 15 times, keeping for yourself one of the blue eggs with an orange jagged line on it. This design turns you into a rabbit.

Eat that special egg while standing on the rabbit hole. You will turn into a rabbit and enter the burrow.

Walk northwest into a central room where rabbits are getting instructions. Climb up the shoot. If an egg hits you it passes right through your character so don't worry about that. Walk up the shoot and enter by clicking the machine.

Talk to the Easter bunny and receive your rewards.

You get an Easter basket, rubber chicken, rabbit ears, two noted Easter Egg rares, and an Easter ring, which turns you into an Easter egg.

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