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Old Registrar of Voters building scrapped

Taking down to nothing. REgistrar of Voters building front coming down. Tuesday, Jan. 28th, early in the two weeks demolition work.
Taking down to nothing. REgistrar of Voters building front coming down. Tuesday, Jan. 28th, early in the two weeks demolition work.
Adam Benjamin

The Kearny Mesa lot at 5201 Ruffin Road voters took their free stands took the stress of the REgistrar of Voters annex building buckling during the January 27th week. This February week, demolition workers stood on land bulky steel scraps sat on the dirt in stacks. Land Kaiser Permanente patients willll come in new hospital doors, and sign in for care.

REgistrar of Voters building demolition. Tues., Jan. 27th.
Adam Benjamin

Civic minded San Diegans stacked up on election supplies at the new REgistrar's 5600 OVerland Drive address, off Ruffin Road, up the street. Signs posted at the Chesapeake Drive corner guided road drivers around the turn to the supply pickup location and voter parking.

The demolition team stayed busy Friday the 7th turning the County Annex lot the county finished up its work at into grounds fit to found a hospital on. The Kearny Mesa square, all the public buildings destroyed, once and for all, saw the end of its old glory days serving as a civic center, and, became a construction range the workers cleaned up to prepare the footing for future construction work.

Las minute work on getting ready for the next week election was lost to the past. The Ruffin Road and Clairemont Mesa Boulevard corner had an empty look.

Special mayoral election formalities went on, on regular time, up the street. The big parking lot at the main Kearny Mesa boulevard corner, all dirt and set up for construction work, no longer will take inthe crowds that drive in to the central San Diego community. Out of the wasted lot, new hospital parking spaces and a multi-story parking garage will rise. The frequente work grounds will thrive again. An open space this well known does not last long.

The public hering Kaiser got the okay on its building demolition permits at finished off the big NO on the COunty Annex building. Workers on the hospital building team will join together on the lot, piece together, a hospital branch.

The San Diego election trail stops at another building row. A final victory on finished work, the demolition unforgettable, stays an open guarantee near the corner signal lights.

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