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Old Hollywood Party


Jacksonville Scene is celebrating the beginning of the big screen by hosting an "Old Hollywood Party," on Saturday, May 15th at 8:00 pm at the Florida Theater.  It will be a night to remember as they bring back the lights glamor and action.  
There will be real artifacts from the silent movies and admission includes free bud light and drinks, music and popcorn.  Tickets are just $25 at or $35 at the door. Benefits the Florida Theater.

Jacksonville has played an important role in America's film industry since the beginning of the first decade of the 20th century and continuing until the present.  It's people, buildings and beautiful landscape have been viewed on screens large and small through out the country.
There was rapid growth in the film industry in the early 20th century and New York City was the primary area utilized by the industry.  As Hollywood had not yet been considered, the cold weather and harsh winters drove the motion picture industry to seek a location for filming during the winter.  
Jacksonville, the gateway to the "sunshine state" with it's warm climate and exotic locations was accessible by an excellent rail system which provided easy transportation for film makers and equipment.  This rapidly made Jacksonville "The Winter Film Capital of the World."
Eventually film production decreased as productions companies started to move west to California.  In 1979 Florida Governor, Bob Graham made it a high priority to develop the film and production industry in Florida and the state became the third largest film and video industry producer in the United States.  California and New York were the largest.
Florida's film industry continued to grow and by 1990 Jacksonville again became one of the prime areas for the industry.  Today there are numerous types of media being produced in Jacksonville.  Among them are motion pictures, television series and movies, national and regional commercials, documentaries and more.  It's safe to say that Jacksonville is not just the "Winter Film Capital" anymore.
Visit "Projects Filmed in Jacksonville" for an example of projects filmed in Jacksonville.

Florida Theater is located at 128 E. Forsyth St., Jacksonville, FL, 32202 map  (904) 355-2787
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