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Old Heber School House Ghost

Originally located on Lot 2 block 17 , (legal description) Townside Heber, 48th parcel, Section 16 south, 14 east – particle 42. Geographical coordinates 32.730965,-115.527216. Heber College opened her doors to classes in November of 1910. After only 44 years, she ceased operations as a college 1950. Between 1950 and 1954 the school was used as a grammer school. Heber College, the old schoolhouse, now laid abandoned, gutted, covered in graffiti and encircled by a chain-link fence in a field on the north side of Heber.

Portia Thompson, the woman who bought the defunct school and donated it to the Imperial County Historical Society, regularly reported seeing the ghost of a young woman in the building. Ben and Portia in the 1970′s, reportedly held seances in the building. Thompson eventually gave away the building and moved to Morongo Valley,”.

11 years ago 2001, Jose Luis Perdomo, 17, a junior in 2004 at Southwest High School, investigated the cause of this spirit-riddled school house. After interviewing locals who attended the school and witnesses who claim to have seen a ghostly figure of a woman staring out one of the hollowed windows. Jose said he’s talked to locals who work at the plant next to the school and a few said while working the night shift they saw a sad-looking woman staring out the window at the school.Others have claimed to hear a baby crying when no baby was around.

As of October 11, 2011 the old school house is in a state of renovation as per caretakers [Source - Imperial Valleypress, and PIONEERS MUSEUM & CULTURAL CENTER OF THE IMPERIAL VALLEY].

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