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Old Florida attractions that are still fun for the family!

When you think of old Florida Attractions what comes to mind? For me what comes to mind are the attractions everyone once flocked to before Disney came along. Attractions that have been here for many years and will hopefully be around for many more. Places to visit some might consider tacky, some might consider old and some may consider them great. We just find them plain fun! Here are a few of our favorites from "Old Florida." We think you'll agree they are worth a visit at least once in your life !

Old Florida Attractions you should visit at least once! The Fountain of Youth (St.Augustine, Florida)
Amber Whitehead
Old Florida Attractions = fun for the family!
Amber Whitehead
  1. The Fountain of Youth - Located in St.Augustine the Fountain of Youth is a place everyone should say they visited at least once. In the day it was very popular for field trips. Have a drink from the Fountain of Youth just to say you did. I mean is that not on your bucket list? Come on now! Located in the nations oldest city the Ponce de Leon Fountain of Youth has a history of over 500 years. A great learning or homeschooling stop!
  2. Dinosaur World - located in Plant City Florida about a 3 hour drive from Jacksonville (202 miles) but a lot of fun for your dinosaur lovers. Over 200 dinosaurs to find , not only that there is a bone yard, a fossil dig, mining, and a great playground area to.
  3. Weeki Wachee Springs - the mermaids ... For nearly 60 years Weeki Wachee has shared mermaids swimming in the cool spring waters of the park. Now home to Buccaneer Bay this state park has changed a lot through the years but is a lot of family fun and must see part of Florida.
  4. Potter's Wax Museum - St.Augustine there is just something about wax people that will call to you as a tourist. Potter's is home to over 160 wax statues. Some might say this is tacky or creepy even. It is definitely a different experience .
  5. The Ringling Circus Museum - established in 1948 and found in Sarasota Florida the Ringling Circus Museum is home to memorabilia and history of the American Circus. Don't miss the newly added circus interactive section the kids will love the experience of becoming a circus star and walking the tight wire and more. Definitely a place you will find something different, take a way something new and have some hands on fun.

There you have it 5 places we consider a part of Old Florida family fun . Some are tacky, some are even a bit odd but they are all adventures that aren't a theme park and a little bit different to do together. We vote these 5 all family friendly attractions so Enjoy your visits we did!

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