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Old Earth theory was popular long before Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin theory of evolution requires an old Earth model of at least billions of years.
Charles Darwin theory of evolution requires an old Earth model of at least billions of years.
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Taking the Bible literally regarding the Genesis narrative for an old Earth was disputed by scientists and Christians many years before Charles Darwin’s published “Origin of the Species”. Terry Mortenson Ph.D, who has his expertise in the history of geology from the University of Coventry in England, is one of many scientists that believe the Earth is much younger than advertized.

Contrary to the propaganda being regurgitated by those subscribing to the old Earth belief of billions of years, there are a tremendous number of scientists that reject evolution and the old Earth theory. As with most people that use hyperbole to establish credibility when no sufficient evidence exists, interpreting information based on your preconceived mindset is something evolutionists and Creationists do.

According to Dr. Mortenson’s research in a publication called “Millions of Years and the Downfall of the Christian West”, Christians as far back to ancient Greek times as Tertullian, Chrysontom, and Augustine believed the amounts of geological fossils in rock layers were due to Noah’s Flood. Even 16th century geological thinkers as Nicolaus Steno (1638-86 AD), a noted Dutch anatomist and geologist, established the idea of superposition which is that sedimentary rock layers were deposited in successive horizontal layers.

In Steno’s book “Forerunner” published in 1669 he expressed a belief that fossil-bearing rock strata were deposited by Noah’s Flood.

Geology is a relatively young science only several hundred years old and the idea of an old Earth was postulated by those wanting a more scientifically based explanation of creation before Darwin had his published idea of evolution in the 19th century.

Frenchman Comte de Buffon published a book in 1779 called “Epoch of Nature" where he introduced an idea that the Earth was once like a hot molten ball that cooled over 75,000 years prior although his unpublished writings suggested three million years. The concept of an old Earth was off and running.

James Hutton of Scotland in 1788 wrote a journal which later became a book called “Theory of the Earth” and proposed the continents were slowing being eroded back to the oceans. Sedimentary deposits were harden by the extreme internal heat of the Earth, then raised by convulsions to become new land masses. This made the land masses indefinitely long according to Hutton.

The catastrophist-uniformitarian debate was birthed by the famous French Palaeontologist Georges Cuvier in 1812 who published his catastrophist theory of Earth history in “Discourse on the Revolutions of the Surface of the Globe”. Cuvier believed that over the course of untold ages, many catastrophic floods of continental or nearly global consequence periodically destroyed and buried many creatures in layers of sediment. According to Cuvier all but one of these disasters happened before the Creation of man.

Findings by Charles Lyell around the 1830 disputed catastrophist theory when Lyell published “Principles of Geology which revived and expanded the ideas of Hutton. Lyell’s uniformitarianism demanded that only present day rates of intensity and magnitude should be used to determine the fossil record and geological record of Earth’s past history. Lyell insisted that no global or continental catastrophe as a flood ever took place. Lyell’s assessment is being parroted by those today while rejecting all the sedimentary evidence globally which suggest otherwise.

Christians unfortunately compromised the Genesis record and began to incorporate things as the Gap Theory to explain the long length of time which old Earth theorists believed. Many Christian leaders believed what old Earth theorists said and began converting Biblical standards to accommodate a planet with millions of years of history. Injecting an old Earth belief would end up eroding the literal interpretation of Genesis in lieu of a more contrary time line of the Bible.

The once Christian nations in Europe and North America realized the scriptural geologists’ worst fears that compromising to an old Earth belief system would liberalize other standards of Bible foundations. Undermining what the Bible established has contributed to a post-Christian liberal ideology based on secularized beliefs. This has contributed to more lax standards on sexuality, divorce, drug abuse, and violence that have skyrocketed compared to what existed before revisionism rapidly expanded.

Rejecting literally what the Bible stipulated spilled over to other standards or morality that governed societies globally.

The first breech took place with the rejection of the Biblical explanation of Creation well before Darwin’s theory of evolution which set the standard of transitional species evolving from millions of years of natural selection. You now have even churches rewriting their own doctrines to adjust to liberalized sociality.

Ongoing research as the RATE project is casting serious doubt on the radiometric dating methods. The volcanic cone left from the Mt. Helen’s eruption from the early 1980s gave a reading of millions of years old which clearly brings to question the reading of other radiometric dating.

Much old Earth data is substantiated by geologist checking with other evolutionists which have their own preconceived ideas of how to interpret the data. Circular logic is used as the fossils were found at a level marking 30 million years due to the level, and the level was found to be a 30 million years old because the fossils were found there. This logic really is used to validate age.

There are documented cases of evolutionists falsifying data or suppressing evidence that contradict the long time line necessary to justify evolution. There are logistical reasons why evolution needs to have an extremely immense timeline due to scientific probability and the necessity to have enough time for transitional species to evolve.

A Creation timeline of even 10,000 years would obliterate the theory of evolution, particularly if humans lived contemporaneously with dinosaurs.

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