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Old Catholics tell Romans to ignore your bishops

Receieved by Rev. Mother Meredith Moise, SPSA

As reported by Independent Catholic News Service

The Southern Province of the North American Old Catholic Church calls on bishops of the Roman sect to abandon their devisive and hate-filled attitude toward lesbian and gay people. The Roman bishops began a meeting on Monday (11/16/2009) in Baltimore, MD, and are expected to issue a major "pastoral letter" against equal rights for gay people.

"It is like they are telling their brothers and sisters: Thou Shalt Not Love," says Archbishop Wynn Wagner, the Regionary Bishop of the Southern Province USA of the North American Old Catholic Church (NAOCC). "They have forgotten the message of love, in their rush toward a notion of post-modernism."

The North American Old Catholic Church has called the month of November a Month of Prayer for those hurt by the Roman bishops' actions. The Old Catholic Church -- being closer to the ancient teachings of Christ -- does not consider gender or sexual orientation to be an impediment to any sacrament, including ordination and marraige.

"We call on adherents of the Roman sect to ignore the pronouncements of the later-day Pharisees," the archbishop continued. "They certainly don't speak for traditional Catholicism. Remember to pray for those bishops and those they hurt."



  • Frank 5 years ago

    Ummmm... no

  • fanof benedictxvi 5 years ago

    these old hitler apologists should shut up.

  • Michael Huye 5 years ago

    Anal sex and related activities of same sex attracted couples is not only unorthodox in all that our Messiah taught, one has to lose all reason to embrace this damning behavior.

    Using judgement, is not passing judgement. Where only our Savior can do the latter, we are all called on to do the first.

    Repent, join the church and stop allowing a sexual proclivity decide your eternal disposition. Although we live in the natural, we are called to the supernatural.

    Rise above the selfish desires and lustful urges and accept salvation. We must decrease and He must increase. It doesn't work any other way.

  • Mike 5 years ago

    "They certainly don't speak for traditional Catholicism."

    LOLz! Whatever, lady. 50 years from now when your fad church is long gone, traditional Catholicism will live on with the "Roman" pope as it always has.

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