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Old Barrio Logan blocks stay the same

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The hard line on Logan Avenue, between 16th Street and 27th Street, forced most home developers to give up plans to build affordable homes using the 1978 Barrio Logan/Harbor 101 Community Plan. Plans to move home development past National Avenue, towards the Navy shipyards, and build 2,000 new homes, largely multi-family homes and community sreving retail shops, stand undone following Tuesday's primary vote on local propositions B and C.

U.S. Navy plans to expand the Pacific Fleet, and create thousands of middle class jobs in Barrio Logan, in the shipbuilding industries, settle job creation goals in the southeast San Diego community. A need to get a Coastal Development Permit to build on the east side of the tracks, near Chicano Park, holds back deveopment in the old empty lot covered blocks. The plan to add 5,000 jobs in and around transit-oriented village communities has been forfeited.

The city council will have to take 12 months off, not returning to Barrio Logan plan update work the voters had their say on, and then, again, decide on opening work on the overcrowded industry lined barrio's plan. Development enterprises the Regional CHamber of Commerce and M.W. Steele Group, Inc. welcomed into the barrio with affordable home advocates Councilmen David Alvarez and Tod Gloria will have to go through new rounds of city planning, and approvals.

City councilmembers, in 2013, overwhelmingly approved the Barrio LOgan community plan update put on the June ballot.

Start ups of community serving businesses, grocery markets and dry cleaners, would keep agreed on redevelopment plans in step in the Barrio LOgan District formed in 1982. Auto repair shops and metal plating factories the 1978 plan zoned in near the NASSCO shipbuilding harbor remind locals they live near thick smoke and paint fume producing industries. And, children go to school, and the park, not far away.

Shipbuilding industries, after decades community locals and industry owners fought over land use and zoning with the city, and the right jobs for the barrio, actively plan to use lots on the barrio blocks. Taking lots even closer to homes, and schools.

No longer is the fight over community lines in Barrio LOgan unknown in San DIego. Work on finding the right lines to draw, as far as Main Avenue, has not ended.

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