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Olbermann and fans guilty; not Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

National Football League Commissioner is standing by his decision to suspend Ray Rice for 2 games; according to an August 2 article in NY Times. Rice was accused of knocking his girlfriend unconscious and dragging her across a hotel floor. Goodell called Rice’s acceptance of responsibility for the incident “the most important thing.”

According to an August 1 article in USA Today, sports show host Keith Olbermann felt that Goodell should resign. Olbermann stated that Goodell should have established a “new precedent” in dealing with spousal abuse.

The Bible does not say that you cannot judge. It says that how you judge will ultimately be how you are judged. It encourages people to be more merciful than judgmental. The Bible does not confuse judgment with fact. Rice’s actions were wrong. Goodell and his team felt that the suspension levied by the NFL was harsher than what Rice received through the criminal justice system. (Rice received no jail time in return for entering into a program) these are all facts.

There are a number of people who are merely passing judgment. Those judging or commenting on Goodell’s logic and verdict are clearly judging him. Those who believe that he should resign over this are also passing judgment.

100 sports fans were asked about the Ray Rice controversy. Almost all of them (98%) felt that Goodell was too lenient; though 25% did say that his motives and conclusions were sincere. Nearly 75% of the respondents felt that Keith Olbermann’s calls for Goodell’s resignation were excessive. Finally, less than 20% felt that Goodell was being judged too harshly.

Some people believe that athletes are held to a higher standard, and that things done by the average citizen gets little or no attention. The same offenses, if done by an athlete, make the front page. Are athletes held to a higher standard? Are athletes judged more harshly than others?

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