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Olalla Oliveros: Nun decision to quit her career as a model, join religious life

Olalla Oliveros is one new nun making news today, as the woman made the decision to quit her successful career as a Spanish model so that she could join religious life. reveals this Monday, June 23, that the beautiful model was well-known throughout Spain for her striking looks, but forsook her fame and growing career in order to become a part of the humble Order of Saint Michael. Now, Oliveros the nun has chosen to leave the many photo shoots, billboard features, and even movie roles behind for blue robes and a dedication to faith-filled service.

Olalla Oliveros quits her job as a model, nun decision
Twitter Photo File, EveryJoe

Although some may never fully comprehend how this Olalla Oliveros nun decision came to be, it appears that the former model simply felt called to a much quieter and more prayerful religious life. Following her vast change as a celebrity figure to a much more unassuming lifestyle, Olalla recently said that her financial success in this world was not bringing her happiness. As such, she decided to give her life to the Lord instead.

Since electing to become a nun with the Order of Saint Michael, Oliveros has stayed out of the public limelight. However, she did offer a recent comment to the National Catholic Register, saying that she truly felt called to become a sister. Although it only began as a faint image in her head, the former Spanish model said soon all she could think about was herself wearing religious garb.

In turn, News Oxy reveals in their updated report, the nun decision came to be. The 36-year-old woman told her modeling agency and associates that she was done; she then quit her career and joined a local sisterhood in Spain. Now, Olalla Oliveros asks that she be called Sister Olalla del Si de Maria. This transformative change to religious life actually happened way back in 2010, but only this week has she come forward to share her story.

“Being a model means being a benchmark, someone whose beliefs are worthy of being imitated, and I grew tired of being a model of superficiality … I grew tired of a world of lies, appearances, falsity, hypocrisy and deception, a society full of anti-values that exalts violence, adultery, drugs, alcohol, fighting, and a world that exalts riches, pleasure, sexual immorality and fraud … I want to be a model that promotes the true dignity of women and not their being used for commercial purposes.”

Just to clarify, adds the press release, Olalla Oliveros’ ultimate decision to leave her material life behind and become a nun was not out of desperation or a failing career. In fact, her former modeling agent Mirella Melero revealed, Oliveros was a rising star and even earned herself a spot in a movie. However, she now has very different hopes; having quit her job and in many ways her former life, the past model is looking to the future as a single woman of faith and service.

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