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Ol' Roy Dog Treats-Walmart makes good on their guarantee.

Use extra caution if you do not make your own dog treats.
Use extra caution if you do not make your own dog treats.
Pat Anthony/Pet Examiner

Ol' Roy Dog Treats are sold at Walmart stores, which guarantees the product.However, if a product causes a person's dog to become seriously ill, the guarantee may be the last thing they are thinking about.

Ol' Roy Dog Treats: Walmart makes good on guarantee
Pat Anthony-Pet Examiner

Recently someone purchased the Ol' Roy Dog Treats for this writers pets. Reading all of the ingredients and noticing there was nothing to indicate anything might come from outside of the United States, the purchaser felt safe offering the Ol' Roy Dog Treats.

The dogs that ate the Ol' Roy Dog Treats are not in the habit of having a treat that doesn't come from the family kitchen. The question about feeding anything that seemed so foreign to them was a big one and should have stopped us right there.

After enjoying the Ol' Roy treats about two hours before their usual bedtime, the dogs seemed to be perfectly fine. However, during the night one by the one, all three dogs were vomiting. Each dog was ill several times.

The product in question is the Ol' Roy Munchy Bone Yogurt Flavor Dog Treat. By morning all of the dogs also had diarrhea. Lovely.

After speaking to a vet about the situation, it was decided they had no doubt expelled most of what was offending their systems. If they did not drink water or appear normal, the dogs should be brought in for the veterinarian to check them.

A search online will allow readers to learn that Ol' Roy is one of the dog foods that did contain an ingredient from China at one point. Also, a petition calling for Walmart to remove Ol' Roy products from their stores will be found online.

Noticing the guarantee and the phone number on the bag of Ol' Roy Dog Treats, it was decided a call must be placed just in case there was a recall that could not find online.

The package states the following in a box on the back of the bag:


We stand behind every bag of dog treats we sell. If for any reason

you and your dog don't love this product we'll replace it or give

you your money back. Call us with questions or comments at

1.877.307.2192 weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST

The woman answering the phone asked questions about the dogs, such as names, age, weight. She also wanted to know if we had taken the dogs to a veterinarian for this situation.

We were told we would receive a $5.00 gift card and asked to keep the package for 2 weeks. Someone might want us to return the package for inspection.

Asking if the product truly was made in the United States, we were told it was from a company in the United States.

At this point everyone realizes the question should have been if the ingredients were made/grown in the United states.

Today a letter was received in the mail, signed by the woman we spoke with about the dogs and Ol' Roy Dog Treats. A photo of the letter is posted with this article. Yes, it includes a $5.00 gift card. No, this does not begin to make up for the issues we had to deal with because there is something these dogs can't digest in this Ol' Roy Dog Treat.

Would we buy Ol' Roy products of any sort-no. However, these dogs should never have been given an Ol' Roy product such as this to begin with.

The food for these dogs is top quality and comes from a store that handles products just for pets. The dogs are not given animal products other than chicken. No animal meal or other products are offered that have come into question over the years by veterinarians and pet experts.

Perhaps dogs that have been able to eat what some would consider 'run of the mill' dog food could eat the Ol' Roy Dog Treats and not have an issue.

Anyone else wanting to offer our pets a treat will be told no thanks-we'll make our own.

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