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Oklahoma vs Baylor men's basketball game on KMYT

 Bigger might not be better and might be tired
Bigger might not be better and might be tired
Composite/Cooper Neill/Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Oklahoma Sooners men's basketball team makes its Big 12 conference tournament debut against Baylor on Thu. Mar. 13, 2014. The game is scheduled to be televised on ch 41.1 KMYT in Tulsa.

Oklahoma doesn't have any stars and is unlikely to have any players playing in the NBA. Baylor has lots of future stars and several with NBA potential. Oklahoma is the better team and has already beaten Baylor twice. Baylor is playing much better than in the beginning of the year but is unlikely to upset the even keeled Sooners.

OU has essentially five players averaging double digit scoring with most of them shooting near 50%. Baylor has the taller team and OU doesn't even have a true center. However because Baylor was forced to play on Wednesday in a surprisingly tough game against TCU, the big guys of Baylor should be tired.