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Oklahoma teens to be charged with animal cruelty for tossing dog over bridge

Now named Miracle, the two-year-old white and brindle pit bull is expected to recover.
Now named Miracle, the two-year-old white and brindle pit bull is expected to recover.

Two teenagers were arrested on Friday afternoon in Choctaw County and will be arraigned Monday morning on felony animal cruelty charges for allegedly tossing a two-year-old dog over a bridge reported Saturday's news.

A video of the heinous act was posted on social media sites Wednesday as it happened on the outskirts of the city of Boswell.

Choctaw County Sheriff Terry Park stated he watched the video at least 30 times and was "appalled" at such a heartless act.

The white and brindle pit bull was thrown 30 feet from one of the twin bridges and hit the ground on her side. All night she remained there until a Good Samaritan found her in the morning. Now named Miracle, by veterinarian Dana Harvey and staff, the sweet dog is slowly recovering from lacerations, a sore chest and dislocated leg.

The video, according to originally appeared on Snapchat, but also showed up on Instagram and Facebook. A copy of the film was sent to the Choctaw County Sheriff's Office. The video was named "Sorry a---bulldog."

A teen who claimed to know the person who threw Miracle over the bridge stated the dog was useless because she couldn't catch hogs.

A 16-year-old was arrested on Friday as the suspect who videotaped the horrible cruelty. A 17-year-old turned himself in and allegedly is the culprit who tossed the dog over the bridge. Because of their ages, the youths were turned over to their parents.

There have already been several offers to adopt Miracle.

If you would like to help the All American Veterinary Hospital with Miracle's medical bills, please call (580)-889-6183.

Please click here for the video. Please be warned the video is graphic and may not be suitable for all viewers.

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