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Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech basketball on KMYT ch 41.1-Update 2 back on KMYT

Marcus Smartis scheduled to return against Texasd Tech
Marcus Smartis scheduled to return against Texasd Tech
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Update:2: Game is back on KMYT as previously scheduled as well as on

Update: ESPN pulled it and KMYT showed Baylor vs West Virginia instead. The OSU vs Tech game is available here (Subject to blackout).

It is not exactly a return to the scene of the crime but Oklahoma State (OSU) vs Texas Tech basketball will be broadcast on Sat. Feb 22, 2014 at 12:30 p.m. on KMYT ch 41.1 in Tulsa.

Instead of being in Lubbock where Marcus Smart pushed a Texas Tech fan, not after the fan called him a piece of crap but after the fan said something when Smart got into his face, the game is being played in Stillwater. Smart was suspended for three games and this is his return.

Texas Tech has had a bit of resurgence beating OU and barely losing to Kansas and Iowa State.

Former OSU coach Sean Sutton got fired after Marcus Dove got hurt and his team went into a tailspin. OSU coach Travis Ford can't point to Cobbins being hurt and his only chance to keep his job is to make it deep into the NCAA tournament or Marcus Smart only returns if Travis Ford stays as coach. Travis Ford's coaching has got to come into question. Ford had Tony Allen give a pep talk to the Cowboys but his style of play while in Stillwater was exact opposite to what the Cowboys needed. A much better choice early in the season would have been Doug Gottlieb who when he made it to the final four led the nation in assists. Had this year's team played as a team and only took difficult shots late in the shot clock when they had no choice, they could have had a magical season.

In Smart's absence OSU has actually been playing more as a team. LeBryan Nash has actually stopped forcing things against triple teams and has been passing the ball out, sometimes surprisingly to walk on, who on;y practiced a few times a week when he had time, Mason Cox. They however have still been losing.

If Marcus Smart integrates with the new found share the wealth team and win this game, the Cowboys still have a chance to get better and win the Big 12 tournament and become a “Cinderella/nightmare opponent” in the NCAA tournament. If they lose, they won't be able to get back to the NIT.

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