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Oklahoma Sooners football: How Kendal Thompson's transfer changes things

Oklahoma Sooners: What Kendal Thompson leaving means for OU
Oklahoma Sooners: What Kendal Thompson leaving means for OU
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Kendal Thompson transferring from the Oklahoma Sooners is a very good move for the young quarterback. When Thompson announced his intentions to transfer on Jan. 22, it didn't seem like a huge deal for OU, but it actually could drastically change plans for the 2014 season.

Of course, Thompson will graduate in May after just 3.5 years at OU and that means that he can start at any school he transfers to. The only hook is that his graduate program can't be offered at OU, which means he needs to find a school with something unique for him to study in grad school.

The good news is that he still has two years left of eligibility since he graduated early and red-shirted his first season.

But, what about the Oklahoma Sooners?

There was some thoughts about moving Blake Bell to the tight end position, so OU can have his valuable production on the field. That would have made Thompson the backup, but with Thompson leaving, that makes it hard to justify moving Blake to tight end in case Trevor Knight is hurt again.

An even scarier prospect is if Blake Bell, who might also graduate in May, transfers as well with the same ability to play. If Bell wants to be a quarterback, leaving OU is his best option. If Bell also leaves, or moves to tight end, that means that Knight's backup would be red-shirt freshman Cody Thomas with true freshman Justice Hansen the only other choice.

Kendal Thompson leaving is what is best for the youngster, but now the Oklahoma Sooners have some big decisions to make.

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