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Oklahoma Sooners Bob Stoop dismisses SEC once again after big win

Oklahoma Sooners Bob Stoops talks SEC
Oklahoma Sooners Bob Stoops talks SEC
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Oklahoma Sooners beat the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl by two touchdowns, and head coach Bob Stoops was even more adamant about people falsely labeling the SEC as the best conference in the nation. According to ESPN on Jan. 3, Stoops said the SEC is not "overwhelming."

Looking at the bowl games, Stoops has a point.

For one thing, Stoops pointed out that two of the original Big 12 teams, the Missouri Tigers and Texas A&M Aggies, both went to the SEC and combined to go 11-5 against SEC teams. Missouri, who had never won a Big 12 title, went 7-1 against the SEC, only losing in the SEC title game to Auburn.

Bob Stoops did make sure to say that he has all the respect in the world for the best teams in the SEC, including Alabama and LSU. However, two teams don't make a dominant conference.

Stoops' main point is that, while teams like Alabama and LSU are normally at the top of the nation, that does not make the SEC conference the best in the nation because you have to look at all the teams. Last year, Auburn finished the season winning only three games and turned things around this year to make the national title game. One of last year's best teams was Florida, and this year they only won four games.

Stoops is not really saying that the Big 12 is better than the SEC, but his point that two Big 12 teams could join the conference and be better than almost all the other teams there lends credit to his argument. Oklahoma beating Alabama is even better evidence. The Oklahoma Sooners believe they can play with anyone, and the self-proclaimed greatness of the SEC means little when it comes to the actual game on the field.

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