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Oklahoma's Greenovation gets White House kudos

Greenovation job program continuum gets national recognition for success
Greenovation job program continuum gets national recognition for success

Downtown Oklahoma City houses the State of Oklahoma Commerce Department. Their monthly e-newletter cited number of achievements this month for Oklahoma's job, work and training outlook, per David Crow. David Crow works with the Department of Commerce, an agency that provides job training assistance for state residents. htt;s://

The White House cited the Oklahoma Greenovation as a positive job training and employment track. Greenovation provides education specific to green energy jobs, with certification programs. The Ready to Work intiative began within the U.S. Department of Labor, under Vice President Joe Biden. Oklahoma's achievement was listed as a notable, successful program.

Oklahoma State University_ Institute of Technology and Oklahoma State University's OSU-OKC and Tulsa's Community College provide education on green construction and energy practices to meet these expanding needs in and out of the state. Through these programs 270 people have been placed in on the job training (OJT) and 90 have completed the related credential.

82 employers in Oklahoma honor this program by offering their place of employment as an OJT site, with those wages running somewhere between $14.00 per hour to $18.00 per hour.

Persons who complete the certification of Leadership of Energy in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) will have this OJT work experience under their belt, and can expect to be employed at an average rate of as much as $36.00 per hour with the tandem achievement.

Crow cited also that Oklahoma continues to add jobs, and has a lower rate of unemployment ( 4.5% for June 2014) compared to other state listings in the United States. Just under 10k jobs were newly available, and 34K jobs in a 12 month span.

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