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Oklahoma runoff elections Tuesday showing purple to blue?

Oklahoma: Voting and elections in a red state
Oklahoma: Voting and elections in a red state
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Oklahoma runoff elections for various offices will be on Tuesday, August 26th. This is the proposed balloting line up. which corresponds to the outcome of the June 2014 primary elections across the state.

Polls across the state will open at 7am will close at 7pm. Here is the voter identification requirement for all Oklahomans voting.

The State of Oklahoma Elections Board has streamlined an education and resource tool, which allows the public to answer their own questions, at their leisure including questions on ballots, polling places and active registration.

Oklahoma hotspots in the November 2014 election typically fall along three lines. Two are known and constant. One is new.

One, the simple fact that Oklahoma is a state with a heavy focus on the energy industry. Particularly oil and gas speculations, discovery, drilling or fracking and production. The Oil and Gas Industry fuels interests from a funding perspective, and provides a high percentage of active employment in direct or jobs in direct support of same. It also funds development options some believe the state has been unable to manage on it's own.

Two, with calls for transparency are constant over issues of ALEC affiliations and thereby possible conflicts of interest from candidates and office holders in Oklahoma. This takes various forms, or Some find that any voice in question or opposition of ALEC is a source of being singled out, economically, socially or politically in Oklahoma. The flip side of that coin amongst ALEC and energy industry loyals, is that to oppose same is a refusal to "dance with the one that brung you"'s_the_meaning_of_Dance_with_the_one_that_brung_ya

Oklahoma City resident, Paula Sophia has the honor of being the first transgendered Oklahoman to race politically. To most here, she is merely "the neighbors" and that designation passe, she is known for so many other things. Sophia is now in the primary runoff for a State Senate seat in Oklahoma County, the capitol of the state of Oklahoma.

Sophia, is a now retired multi-year veteran of the Oklahoma City Police Department. Degreed with a Master of Arts, US military combat veteran and parent, Sophia's explosive presence as a brand new politician has been remarkable. Noted to knock out a variety of other initial candidates for this seat primary, which is has been steadfastly held as a democratic seat for most of the history of the state of Oklahoma.

Sophia's opponent, Jason Dunnington is actively a Nazarene pastor, with affiliations with Oklahoma City University, as a full professor Sociology there. and a parent to two OKCPS students.

See the voting statistics in the first paragraph for exaction: Sophia had roughly 30% of the vote, and Dunnington 40% on a straight party ticket.

As Oklahoma is facing final judicial decisions on marital rights regarding gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered marriages this issue and Sophia's candidacy coincide in a very unique political option for the District 88 voters., polarized as she runs against Dunnington.

Oklahomans in need of a ride to the polls Tuesday, may find one by calling the two primary party offices or

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