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Oklahoma police officer pleads not guilty to poisoning neighborhood dogs

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Ardmore Police Sergeant Barry Antwine pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor animal cruelty in a Carter County court on Wednesday. According to, prosecutors contend that Antwine poured the poisonous ethylene glycol into a plastic container intended for dogs who were roaming the neighborhood unleashed.

Neighbors say at least six dogs have died from drinking the poison. A local veterinarian who had treated several of the dogs identified the mixture as anti freeze. The dogs started dying in April.

A report from, stated a neighbor's pet schnauzer was one of the victims, and it broke the owner's heart to have to see her dog suffer.

"I have little kids so if they leave the door open and she might would run out but never just out all day to wander, you know, she was inside and we kept her inside but occasionally she'd get out, but she definitely wasn't an outside dog."

Antwine has been suspended from the department with pay until the end of the investigation. He has been charged with "laying out poison for domestic animals."

If found guilty, Antwine faces up to one year in jail and a maximum $500 fine.

Antwine will return to court in August.

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