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Oklahoma, on New Madrid Fault, hit by earthquake, 11 aftershocks

Oklahoma, on New Madrid Fault, hit by earthquake, 11 aftershocks

Attractions in Oklahoma City, were they safe after earthquake?
Attractions in Oklahoma City, were they safe after earthquake?
Oklahoma City CVB
Earthquake in Oklahoma, was it as bad as New Zealand?
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News is coming in to San Francisco that Oklahoma has been hit by its strongest earthquake on record. The shaker had a magnitude of 5.6. San Francisco itself is no stranger to earthquake activity.

"Makes me wonder if we are next," says San Francisco resident, Donal Witham.

Yesterday saw a series of earthquakes and aftershocks in Oklahoma and the day culminated in a 5.6 magnitude quake that was felt in all corners of Oklahoma state because of the volatile New Madrid Fault, says the source

The earthquake was also felt in Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.

The New Madrid Fault is responsible for much of the shaking and Oklahomans were woken by a 4.7 magnitude earthquake early in the morning at 2.12am.

Then there was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake at 10.53pm. This one was the strongest Oklahoma had ever experienced. The center, according to TimeNewsFeed, was just four miles to the east of Sparks in a small town around 40 miles northeast of Oklahoma City (See article on what there is to do and see in Oklahoma City here on the top five attractions in Oklahoma City )

While some residents did report structural damage because of the New Madrid Fault, no known major damage or injuries occurred. One man did have minor injuries however when he hit his head trying to exit his home during the earthquake, reports CNN.

Emergency crews have told reporters that they saw 3 different parts of US Route 62 buckled. They also saw one rock that was "about the size of an SUV."

Houses near the epicenter and near the New Madrid Fault are said to "look like they’ve been ransacked,” reported Aaron Bennett who works with the Lincoln County emergency management service.

According to TimeNewsFeed, the U.S. Geological survey said there were 11 aftershocks between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Before Saturday the strongest earthquake ever recorded in Oklahoma or on the New Madrid Fault had been a 5.5-magnitude shaker on April 9, 1952.

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