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Oklahoma man videotapes deadly dog fight and posts it to Facebook

Given, man who taped deadly dog fight
Given, man who taped deadly dog fight
Via News on 6

Officials in Wagoner County, Okla., are investigating a man who videotaped a deadly dog fight involving four dogs, reported Monday's News On 6.

Taylor Given taped the gruesome attack and posted the footage to Facebook...from there, comments, shares and concern quickly mounted.

In the disturbing footage, three dogs are seen ripping apart a fourth dog - during the course of the video, the dog who is being mauled never gets up from the ground and nobody ever tries to intervene in an effort to halt the bloodbath.

Given claims that all of the dogs are strays - the three dogs who killed the dog on the ground are the ones that he feeds.

Given stated:

I fed these dogs and they were nice enough to stick around and kind of guard our yard, and when that dog came up, I mean they did what dogs do,"

Given claims that the dog who was killed had been a nuisance - attacking him on his property on more than one occasion.

Rather than calling animal control to have the dog picked up, Given apparently decided to let the other three dogs remedy "the problem."

Officials are reviewing the case and will decide if charges are warranted.

Click here for news clip - warning, graphic footage is included.

Petition calling for charges to be made at this link.

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