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Oklahoma: Local corruption making news, fight is on-going

The conditions we all live through each day can be accepted, even if we know they are not correct. But changing them takes more than just knowing they are wrong, it takes real actions and legal support.

The local newspaper, (News Press) has reported on a study listing Oklahoma as one of the most corrupt states in the USA. Although the study is based on previous occurrences, it must be considered such corruption only exist by higher authority’s wiliness to accept it as normal. Taking years to even gain resolve, as each higher authority level refuses to investigate, provides more proof corruption still exist. Ignorance is a personal thing, existing in the judicial and political processes today; assuming by believing plausible deniability is protective to them. But the matters which brought about the Stone Rose have already removed this, the only protections over the corruption being seen today comes by way of political friends. Bigots are bigots regardless of the clothes they wear, siding with their own kind easily, reality has already shown they are not as well protected as they think.
But thinking is the problem because bigots do little of such: they choose to stay well inside a “boxed” mindset. And the procedures they create are designed around protecting their own ideology, not allowing diversity nor their ideology is wrong. Those presenting evidence against this ideology or indicating problems exist, are not accepted by procedures designed specifically to keep them quite. That follows to the current situation in our courts today, the idea any public has rights, even to change procedures, is not allowed by little closed minds. Yet it is reality which has already indicated these procedures are in need of change, and not for those who hold on to power by the corrupted means.
The study reported was based on previous corruption found out, using as an example the county commissioners scandal, that corruption existed for over 42 years before it was stopped. The problem is not just with those willing to join any corruption which comes along, but as well with those who are suppose to investigate and restrain the public officials. The means to withdraw or stop an investigation based solely on the political ideology connections is far to prevailing in these matters to be ignored. Crossing party ties isn’t even considered, as a one party rules over the majority of politics there is no support given to ending any corruption seen. Instead corruption continues to grow, while those in authority offer it a safe haven by their protections.
The higher authority levels do not attempt to offer support to those looking into allegations, especially if they gain evidence linking many in the same corrupted group to the political party. As legal authority has come under corruption, the legal processes are not put to serving the public’s needs but to prevent the legal means to end corruption. What happens is the public is left without legal processes to offer itself relief; the corruption continues to dig into lower levels and does not get removed. This may sound like a foreign nation, but it has happened in Oklahoma already, and shows little signs of stopping. The longer higher authority allows this corruption to continue the less legal means will be available to allow peaceful resolutions, even by attempting to pressure news agencies to stop reporting on the corruption.
The individuals in political power having personal ignorance are easily willing not to look, if they did a trail would exist showing they know what is happening. Thus, as their offices are instilled by the public authorizing its existence, they are required to take actions. And this was the same requirements for those in the Middle East, yet as we have seen there was nothing done. Oklahoma is facing the same, our troubling times not far away and unless things change, we will have to make the same choices others seem to have. Watching what has been happening around the globe, those locally here must consider how they will handle what is to come.
Removing corruptions means to construct legal procedures which only favor more corruption, must be considered if the current corruption is to be removed. But the problems of getting political offices to do so, is one fought in the mind of those in political positions. These same seeking to escape their own punishments for being connected, only continue to close off these processes, and this must be expected from the beginning. A tactical strategy employed offers the public the best means to end such corruption peacefully. But strong public support is also needed to over come the mandates taught and now seen in error, yet as with most bigotry there has been no facts, evidence or law in support.
The means of corruption in Oklahoma to continue corruption’s existence comes as those in the highest offices allow, they support this infrastructure building upon it. Diversifying outside ‘little boxed in minds” is either provided as the public takes legal actions for peace, or like many around the world, forcing violence to its ends. The decision for this lies in every citizen being allowed to use the peaceful means, which in this state has not occurred. Judicial authority having already been corrupted is once more refusing to accept the process of law changing to met standards set by higher minds. The legal process then stalling in hope witnesses die or just disappear in the middle of the night.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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