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Oklahoma legislator's plan to legalize the shooting of pets has been shot down

Rep. State Representative Steve Martin
Via OK Now

According to Tuesday's publication of News OK, a state representative's effort to make shooting a pet a legal form of euthanasia, has been shot down.

Repubican State Rep. Steve Martin, who introduced the bill, lobbied to allow pet owners to shoot their pet if they wanted to "dispose" of it.

On Tuesday, by a margin of 8-4, the House Judiciary Committee rejected HB 2613.

Martin had argued for the bill, stating:

“People have animals that, for one reason or another, they’re either sick or old or for some reason not suitable to go to a new home, and it is as painless to euthanize an animal with a firearm, if it’s done humanely, as any other method.”

The bill would have allowed owners to kill their pet without first seeking other alternatives; it stated:

D. Nothing in this section shall be interpreted as requiring the owner of an animal, or a person having the effective consent of the owner, to seek a new owner, caregiver or animal shelter for the animal prior to humanely destroying said animal pursuant to subsection B of this section.

Martin's bill also sought to reduce penalties for some animal cruelty crimes.

Much to the relief of animal welfare advocates, Martin's proposed bill has failed.

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