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Oklahoma: Justice corrupted by legal practices without end

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In every society there are divisions, but there are also times divisions must be decided on by the society. Society grants authority to take action(s) in the name of social order, but the majority retains the final decision. Jurisdictional standards are suppose to be the same accepted across the entire legal industry, but only if attorneys are willing. A misdemeanor may end in a low fine, which may not seem like a lot, but do you remember how Walmart started? And once you build the infrastructure, combining it with the full force of public authority, where does it end? These actions are already being played out on a global scale, and it seems Oklahoma authorities are only offering the means to regain civility.
In every society there are divisions, but there are also times divisions must be decided on by the society. Social divisions are always present, we struggle with them every day, but we do not need to bigot ourselves against another. Freedom of will allows us to choose not to disregard another, simply because they seem different or even due to their lacking of means. As individuals, or a society, we determine the value another has based on what we see in them, we also need to remember not to use them for our needs. Humans are not a natural resource, we left the nature world long ago, instead we create and use resources today. As societies change by the nature creation and use of resources, we find more decisions are needed, especially by those who hold the real social authority.
Decisions on how we live together are based on the social order established, so long as we have the means to affect this order we also have the means to decide our future and fate. Generally granted authority to governmental positions, we have seen by the uprisings around the world, some in authority have failed…miserable. The public has had to re-establish civility by taking away authority to grant such to others. But one does not need to go across the world to see this; one needs only go to Lincoln County in Oklahoma, and many other places here as well. The judicial system in this state is robbing people of freedom, rights and funds, those in the Oklahoma bar are aware of it and profit by this corruption. It is unreasonable to think once infrastructure is created it will be taken down by those who lives depend on even more corruption to survive.
Oklahoma attorneys hope someone will make a difference, yet it is their job to make a difference and setting legal standards kept in their jurisdictions. Trained in legal matters, the attorneys are also tied to funds they gain from the legal actions, thus as illegal matters are allowed to be involved with corruption, more corrupt infrastructure is created over time. Those outside the state do not want to get involved because there is not enough money seen for them in this state; extra fees would be needed to gather their attentions. Local attorneys continuing to make funds off the desperate, have made their businesses based on corruption’s growth. Thus so long as the corrupt infrastructure supports the local attorneys, and there are no funds for outside legal support, the illegal infrastructure grows stronger. And corruption only exist if those in authority allow it, thus judges are receiving funding, most probable under the table through their pervious law firm associations. The corruption allowed by the Oklahoma judicial system continues to leave the citizens with few means to offer any change, except the one others have been forced to take.
Walmart started by serving the public mass with low cost applied, thus misdemeanor offense serve the corrupted system with low cost and low risk offered to stop it. A misdemeanor offense for out-of-state defendant has a high bond to assure recover if defendant does not show, thus the bond services gain and grow by secondary effects as well. The more people involved in any system, the more infrastructure forms around the results of that system, thus the more support offered to keep it going. Like a virus, corruption grows to spread among any who it can make contact with, yet it is the legal industry which allows this to grow. The infrastructure takes shape around these “infected” areas of society, already combined with the legal authority of this state to take control.
Control generally refers to a mind or brain behind the system, yet as already reported, the “brightest” minds in the Oklahoma judicial process can only think of themselves. Their failures to make the changes which insure the public safety, are clearly seen, and waiting on others to do the job they were appointed to do, shows how much bigotry they have been taught. Each is willing to cover for the rest, thus like any organized bigotry, they also mandate the mind-set it taught. Indoctrinating other to this mindset spreads the concept, providing even more people to keep the same corruption alive. But if the legal industry believed so strongly in competition bringing out the best results, attorneys would be willing to compete against their own corruption.
The globe is already resounding with these same concepts being put to use, a result of the constant failures which such corruption always brings about. But without the willingness to offer or allow orderly change in an equity based competition, there has become only one means to change…by force of arms. If in the state of Oklahoma, a third of judges, half of the state congress and members of the governor’s staff are all taking bribes, would there be a different means made available? The US federal government is not much better; in fact the way federal authority is chosen from state governments, we would already be assured of finding further corruption. How far must corruption go before the public decides to change the social order to what works…and at what cost are we being force to make this choice?