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Oklahoma Joe's offers amazing food and experience

Oklahoma Joe's offers classic Kansas City BBQ.
Oklahoma Joe's offers classic Kansas City BBQ.
AP Photo/Larry Crowe

Of all the amazing locations, people, and events to visit in the Kansas City area, perhaps what the city is best known for is the phenomenal culinary opportunities that abound in the area, especially its world-famous barbeque. Included in this barbeque category is one the most well-known BBQ restaurants in the Midwest: Oklahoma Joe’s.

It is a well-known fact that a restaurant that is packed is an indication of a quality restaurant, but what is most surprising about Oklahoma Joe’s is that the line extends not out of a traditional restaurant building, but rather a gas station. With the original restaurant located in a gas station on 47th and Mission Road in Kansas City, and a new location in Olathe, patrons are guaranteed the best taste bud experience the city has to offer. Whether it be the famous “Z-Man” sandwich or a simple beef brisket and scrumptious seasoned fries, there is a favorite in store for everyone.

Open from 11-8:30pm Monday through Thursday at the original location in Kansas City, and 11-9pm at the Olathe location, and with extended hours Friday and Saturday (closed Sunday), visitors and natives to the area simply must check out this unique flavor of Kansas City.