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Oklahoma: History and tourism, governmental failures want more

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Oklahoma house bill 3028 has proposed indoctrinating the Oklahoma Historical Society (OHS) into the Oklahoma Tourism department, this presents major problems. If the historical society has already drawn up a constitution for its organization, it is not under the governmental privileges. But this is being over looked by Gov. Fallin, her need to gain as funding coming from covering the losses in government already showing up. It is not in the public’s interest to combine these operations, instead such private enterprises offer a resounding economic benefit if left to their own. The need to optimize Oklahoma’s government is seen only by those offering less to the public while the governor’s personal friendships take more out of the system. This assault based on economic of scale, is a cover to allow further erosion of the majority’s rights to conduct and control its own government.
House bill 3028 is intending to restructure both the Tourism Department and the historical society into one organization, under the governor’s control. But as the OHS is a private enterprise, one has to ask why is it being taken over by the governmental authority? The answer is simple, Gov. Fallin is losing the budget fight and economic controls she stated were to happen. The bloated Tourism Department has never provided sufficient income to operate itself, but worse is the constant failings provided by insufficient leadership put in charge of the department. Yet Gov. Fallin believes this to be qualifications for taking over a private enterprise, reducing the public innovations presented as well, and political oppositions to her demands.
The historical society is running operations very well, this because those in charge do not have so much political self interest to deal with. The continued economic affects this operation offers to rest of society extends far beyond the OHS itself. Storage of documents, restoring old books, coping information,….the list of things goes on, so do the funds that stream from these economic exercises. Now Gov. Fallin thinks the rest of society can do without these basic needs, she wants the public to belief she knows what is in the best interest of the majority. The problem is: up till this point her political agenda has not shown to be in the majority’s interest, but in a personal agenda of destroying others.
Gov. Fallin has not lately been talking about the education system she inspired, this due to the lack of results showing improvements in it. In fact the situation has gotten worse, as further reports on have shown about the educational system failures and there are still the matters of the deathtraps in the schools. No improvements have been seen, and this is not just for one department, but the entire state government is the same. Mary Fallin has failed the state’s public in a grand scale, favoring those who offer more support for a further career in politics. Thus she is intent to take from the private sector resources under control, what the majority needs to avoid further economic collapse, away to offer more protections to the same few.
Scaling any operation into mass production offers mass consumption based on the same item provided to all. But our historical records are not die-cut material, each search for results requires a careful view more than one may first consider. What we believe is the standard today, coming about by the past views all worked out in their time and order. And the interesting thing, understanding tells us by knowing the past we can see how things will come about in the future once more. We can not then pre-describe and use set-set limits on such personal searches based only on the political designs a few in control of today’s infrastructures offer. Their need to silence the political oppositions goes directly against the needs of the public’s survival.
The OHS is not political, its purpose it to provide a research bases for private individuals to use, one with creditability to support claims both in legal and social functions. To infer that a state government can, or should be allowed, to control a private non-political operations just to gather funding to cover-up departmental failures is out-rages. Fallin has shown she can not operate the state government to the standards accepted by Oklahoma’s majority, but she can remove their means to gather support in opposition. The OHS offered such support to the state libraries when Fallin wanted to push budget austerity and remove the private sectors means to support itself. Now comes the attempt to remove those in support of opposing her, to allow further austerity that takes funds out of the majority’s hands. While at the same time, removing the public access points the same majority needs for further political survival.
The reality poised by assaulting the majority’s social support network is only accepted through the erosion conduct by state governmental offices in protecting the public. Instead of offering such protections, the entire state government has been granted privileges to attack its own public, removing the very means the majority could use to even survive. As Robert Solow, an economist awarded the Nobel Prize indicates, innovations are needed now more than ever, but they do not come by further austerity. We have already seen what deathtraps Gov. Fallin has allowed; we do not need her building further on the same concepts. This future she offers does not offer the public support, only supports are allowed to be gained to her friends. Thus dividing the public and the majority’s concentration further, while the state’s corruption is allowed to hide deeper to fill the personal political interest they have.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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