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Oklahoma Equine Industry Hosts 35,000 Jobs

Oklahoma Equine Industry Benefits Oklahoma
Oklahoma Equine Industry Benefits Oklahoma

The Oklahoma horse industry has 35,000 jobs benefitting from it's presence statewide, and live competitive horse racing begins again in OKC in March 2014 at Remington Park, just North of the Oklahoma State Capitol., which will include additional jobs when the season opens.

This brochure identifies both the concentrations of horses and the affiliated industries.

Oklahoma's Equine Study notes that much of Oklahoma's financial opportunity comes from being able to breed and sell all kinds of horses.

Oklahoma offers horses for recreational purposes, like horseback riding and lessons.

For competitions, like barrel racing and race track competitions.

As ranching animals to work cattle on farms.

And as therapeutic animals, to aid in specialized services for children and adults who are struggling in ways that some traditional therapeutic means cannot address. One of the most recent breakthroughs of this kind is addressing neurologic limb functions lost to service members in partial or temporary paralysis, or in the brain injured.

The study notes various versions of information as to all the types of services affiliated with Oklahoma's Equine Industry. Information such as this offers an understanding of what money is coming in and how, but it also helps potentially interested persons understand all they ways they might interface with Oklahoma's Equine Industry.

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