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Oklahoma City Winter weather: See Map of OKC Snow Routes and Traffic alerts

Accident in OKC AM commute
Accident in OKC AM commute

Only some streets are highly tended by Oklahoma City when severe weather presents. Here is a PDF of the Oklahoma County approved snow routes.

8 degrees yesterday at about 7am. 18 degrees today at the same time. Oklahoma City continues to experience bone chilling temperatures and random snow falls, which are expected to continue today.

Driving is complicated by black ice patches, spots of ice which match the asphalt underneath and don't denote the presence or size of patches of ice across the city. This link updates potential traffic snags for drivers

Snow that has fallen has been fine and powdery, which is also slick for walking and driving as it does not easily pack.

Overall today, most roads are clear, though there are salt trucks and snow plows clearing the designated snow routes across OKC.