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Oklahoma City Parks Master Plan 2014 Revealed

Benefactor gave monies to make OKC Beautiful before there was a faction to host her donation.
Benefactor gave monies to make OKC Beautiful before there was a faction to host her donation.

The Oklahoma City Council had a first run on the Oklahoma City Community Foundation's Parks Master Plan this morning, January 21, 2014, where it was reviewed and accepted.

This was followed by a luncheon hosted by the Oklahoma City Community Foundation's Brian Dougherty, Cathy Nesland, Sally Ray and Leslie Hudson cooperatively presenting the two consultants from Wallace Roberts Todd and presentation of a 130 page bound report regarding findings.

Margaret Boys provided a trust to improve and beautify Oklahoma City, and OCCF via this fund and OKC Parks and Recreation split costs to make this study possible.

The luncheon had 90% of projected attendees present, a collection of persons who have definitive connections to Oklahoma City Parks, 3 acting elected OKC Officials: Shadid, White and Ryan, OKC City Manager : Couch, Former elected officials Bowman and Rice and various and sundry others.

In part, the study was reviewed in comparative numbers to other cities so the group could get an idea of what is happening in park development across the US, but particularly in the middle US.

Oklahoma is 42nd in park development overall, however OKC has marked some awarnesses with progressive things like skate parks.

6 Strategic Directions from this study are

1.) Maintain and improve physical assets fo existing parks

2.) Develop facilities and programs in existing parks to meet community needs

3.) Improve access to existing parks

4.) Promote and increase awareness of the value of parks.

5.) Develop and establish new parks.

6.) Establish agreements and standards for private parks and school parks.

The Parks Master Plan ( order of function)

1.) Laying a Foundation

2.) Setting Stratetic Directions

3.) Park Classifications

4.) Level of Service Standards

5.) Analysis and Applied Standards

6.) Action Plan

7.) Funding Options and Strategies

8.) Maintenance Guidelines

9.) Partnerships

Discussions, studies and surveys regarding this project were begun in 2012, and culminated in this report.

Full copies of the report are available from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, located at 10th and Broadway, or by calling (405) 235-5603.

This is the first of many meetings, and many opportunities will spring from this study.

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