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Oklahoma City ongoing infrastructure problems: OKCPD serial rapist on staff?

Daniel Holtzclaw in OKC jail under multiple sexualized assault charges
Daniel Holtzclaw in OKC jail under multiple sexualized assault charges
Photo by NFL Photos/NFL

Oklahoma City Police Department released Friday afternoon that one of their own, Daniel Holtzclaw had been arrested and jailed with a 5 million dollar bond, on multiple separate incidents of sexualized aggression. This includes anything from rape to sexual battery or indecent exposure so far. All identified victims are noted to be African American females and from Northeast Oklahoma City.

Holtzclaw, when committing the accused offenses, was an OKCPD officer, working the patrol called the Springlake District, which is 137 square miles, see the map here: This includes the Oklahoma City Capitol, The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and related research and a variety of businesses, bar/restaurant/shopping districts.

This area also includes OKC's status of the 14th most dangerous neighborhood in the United States, Oklahoma City itself considers a district much further West, near Reno and NW 10th Avenue to be the most crime ridden.

Oklahoma is 9th in violent crime in the United States.

Oklahoma is 5th in gang violence in the United States, says study from the CDC ending in middle 2008, which is projected to have increased. Study tenets included major East and West coast cities, with Oklahoma crime statistics placing it squarely in the midst of these higher profile, better known districts of gang related crime.

Greater Oklahoma City has experienced explosive growth second to energy industry expansions, medical research and other corporate expansions and families affiliated with two active duty military bases, Tinker Airforce Base and Fort Sill. Oklahoma City is per square miles one of the most physically large cities in the nation. This coupled with things like the Oklahoma City Marathon, NBA team The Thunder, Baron's Hockey and a number of thriving universities there are a wide variety of events which draw residents, students and visitors. All this improves community foot traffic and per-capita residents of Oklahoma City.

The Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma (NACOK) is a non-profit which works to enhance quality of life through neighborhood coalitions and communications. The NACOK assigned community builder, staffer Ashley Dickerson, has been very visible over the last year and has worked hard to develop communication systems, neighborhood coalitions and stronger alliances within the neighborhoods in the Springlake District and the OKCPD.

OKCPD Chief Bill Cittie, over multiple environments, including a Leadership Workshop under the NACOK in 2013, noted Oklahoma City over the past 12 years is down at least 300 staff and possibly as many as 600 staff, given the explosive growth of Oklahoma City during that time. Recent OKC approved budgets (below) proved Chief Cittie right, that the gross disparity between need and approval continues.

Currently, the OKCPD is awaiting construction completion of a new property, which will house space for more modern record keeping equipment, improving case organization and potentially service.

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett and the Oklahoma City Council approved budget, under direction of City Manager Jim Couch note the following regarding the OKC budget allotments for police services in Oklahoma City, "This demonstrates City Council's strong support for public safety", said Couch.

Oklahoma City Council district divisions are here, so match to that Spring Lake District map above. It appears, Ward 2, Ward 6 and Ward 7 apply for City Council Districts connected to SLD. Dr. Ed Shadid, did directly provide public education regarding the issue of public safety last year, citing many of the above type numbers of known risk that would only worsen if not tended.

Concerns regarding the recent Oklahoma City disclosure that OKCPD Officer Daniel Holtzclaw's arrest or any related issues, may be directed to the Oklahoma City Council staff here

Additional reports of interpersonal violence are expected by the Oklahoma City Police Department. The public is encouraged to call and report those, or come by the station to speak to staff.

Free of charge and 24 hours a day, the Oklahoma City YWCA hotline provides support to any caller regarding dealing with sexual assault. OKC YWCA always offer, free of charge also: professional advocacy, accompaniment and ongoing care services to any teen or adult survivor of sexual assaults (405) 943-7273.

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