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Oklahoma City Mayoral Race 2014 : Voter presence guarantees progress?

Oklahoma City voters prepare for March 2014 Rock the Vote
Oklahoma City voters prepare for March 2014 Rock the Vote
rock the vote

Dr. Ed Shadid posted an email today, notifying the Oklahoma City voting public of many things regarding the pending March 4th, 2014 Election for Mayor of Oklahoma City.

Here is his letter, shared this afternoon from Downtown Oklahoma City, February 2, 2014.

Dear Oklahoma City Residents:

I want to encourage everyone to take a quick moment and verify your voter registration. This email also contains information on polling locations, absentee voting and early voting. Please share this important information.

Voter registration:

In order to be registered to vote in the upcoming Mayoral election on March 4, 2014, you must have your voter registration post marked to the County Election Board by February 7, 2014. You can register to vote at any tag agency or download and mail in the application here:

Polling location and current registration:

To confirm your polling location and if you are currently registered to vote check here: Type in the information and it will give you your polling location and precinct info. To figure out if you vote in the OKC Mayoral election, determine where your water bill comes from and that is where you vote municipally.

Absentee voting:

If you will not be available for the election or are concerned about weather or getting to the polls, you may request an absentee ballot for any reason. You may send in for the request for an absentee ballot as late as the Wednesday before the election (the request must be at the county election board by 5pm on February 26, 2014). Fill out the form linked here:

The filled out and notarized absentee ballot must arrive at your local election board by 7pm on Election Day. It must be mailed and cannot be hand delivered.

Early Voting:

Early voting rules have changed this year! For local races you can only early vote the Thursday and Friday before the election at your County Election Board office. For the Mayoral race on March 4th, you may only early vote on Thursday and Friday, February 27 and 28, 2014 from 8 AM to 6 PM. There is NO Saturday early voting. The Oklahoma County Election Board is at 4201 N. Lincoln Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73105. Make your plan to vote accordingly.

For more information about elections not found here, please check out and don’t forget to vote March 4th!



Dr. Ed Shadid for Mayor

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