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Oklahoma City Mayoral Election 2014 GOTV : The order in which it was received

The Official Home or Office countdown Calendar for the OKC Mayoral Election 2014
The Official Home or Office countdown Calendar for the OKC Mayoral Election 2014
OKC Mayoral Election 2014 dwinslow

GOTV started today. Get Out The Vote is typically a thread that runs through election campaigns as a call to check voter registrations and address methods of voting that will allow the voter to cast a ballot successfully. There have been a few of these calls for such here. ( Don't miss the NIKE connection under the TEDTalks link below)

In the office today, we made up our own interactive count down calendar for the local election of Oklahoma City Mayor 2014, where about 5 candidates will face off in about 2 weeks. See the slideshow.

The countdown calendar is an educational tool for our younger clients and we office in a building where many people are multi-national and have ESL. This is a non-verbal benign opportunity to highlight what is coming, and that we all in the office intend to vote. On Twitter, and FB we have challenged our peers to show us THEIR countdown calendar.

Oklahoma City Councilor, Dr. Ed Shadid did post about GOTV today with the Q: "What election did you first vote in?" .@EdShadid on Twitter.

A: 1980, with a first ballot cast absentee and Presidential. (Having only turned 18 about 1 month before and away at the University of Oklahoma some amount of complexity generated some amount of excitement and achievement).

Conversations like this help people in the community show their prior engagement, and also illustrate investments over time in voting processes. Inter-generational voter conversations have value, as many youth don't seem to see their parents or elders voting, or even desiring to vote.

Social apathy and voter apathy are both phrases that seem to get tossed around about as much as the call to vote.

So here are some highlights from a TED Conversation. TED is an educational resource of print and video that reflects on topics, provides education or exposure to a subject typically by an expert or trending person. It isn't BAFTA which is popular today, but it is worth a look.

This one has to do with why young adults might have apathy about voting. Here is the link, but below are some excerpted concepts that may be valid points.

Young adult apathy is reflection of middle aged voters not voting

Many don’t understand that voting is a point of distribution of power in the United States

Unethical and scandalous conduct on the part of leaders causes the public to lose faith

Lack of available online voting options and the tedium of lines or problems in using absentee ballots is tiresome and thwarting.

Systems of authentication that would show the public the vote evolved, and allow them to check their own vote entered as they voted.

Youth aren’t nurtured into processes of decision making, including discernment and how to effect influence and change a community, law or process.

Have you asked the young adults you know if they are registered?

Have you asked the young adults you know if they plan to cast a vote?

Do you know how ( can you announce percentages and give any prediction regarding the value of the vote if cast, or not cast enmasse by the 18-25 year olds in your community?)

Can the politician speak to issues that may directly affect the young adult, such as college funding, healthcare, jobs, housing

16 and vote : younger and younger kids account for crimes and such. Can they be asked to vote responsibly? Should the age be lowered?

Civics Class that addresses the community needs as a requirement for all youth in preparation to vote?

If politicians are linked to big business, money and corruption, what is attractive about that to a young person?

Some of the other slides show voter patterns in the last few years, and look more closely at efforts to engage minorities in the voting process either in specfic ad campaigns, or in native language use.

So after all that then this OTHER TEDTV link was cited, about VOTER APATHY exactly and it is both clever and funny and accurate. The NIKE ad comparison is a punch in the stomach, as is the people in this town only want to eat, drink, read and hit a movie?

GOTV OKC Mayoral Election 2014 is about 2 weeks away.

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