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Oklahoma City Interfaith Dialogue Institute Dinner is Tuesday

Faith teachings, traditions, trajectory and the modern world
Faith teachings, traditions, trajectory and the modern world
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Twitter message just popped up. @DialogueInstOKC: Dinner of Abrahamic Traditions: Pluralism in the 21st Century on March 18!…

Dialogue Institute's core annual events is Tuesday, March 18th. The OKC Chapter is considered part of the Southwestern members. Texas, New Mexico, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Arkansas make up this division. Interfaith Dialogue The Oklahoma City Interfaith Dialogue is a group that meets with regularity to bridge the gap in understanding between religious groups in the area. Efforts increased and the movement became yet stronger in focus after the Oklahoma City Bombings.

The group offers many activities, as their web page attests, and meets all over the Southwestern US.

Tuesday, there is a $100 per plate fundraiser dinner, in which two doctoral level and one rabbinical scholar will have a meeting of the minds over "Abrahamic traditions". These events include advanced professionals,well respected in their faith traditions and the topics are typically rich and lively. Monies raised continue to invite events, such as the next event honoring Kevin Durant and others in April for being stewards of people and the city and peace.

The panel will be Rabbi Abby Jacobson, (Abby has gotten a good bit of acclaim from the international Jewish community for this: beyond being the female head of a fairly large, long standing faith community in a conservative state.)

Dr. Imad Enchassi

and Dr. Bob Rice

The purpose of such events is to bring together interested parties, to improve understanding through relating.

The event will be held in NWOKC. Reservations are made through the eventbrite link, or by contacting the Interfaith Dialogue office.

The group is on Twitter, has a webpage and is connected also to Raindrop Turkish House in OKC.

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